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VP 100 (aka StreetBlaze 100)

Oxygenated with ethanol, this CARB-legal fuel is specifically engineered for high-performance street cars including sport compacts, muscle cars, street rods and more. It's environmentally friendly and street legal throughout the U.S. In applications with anything from 4- to 12-cyclinders or engines equipped with a turbocharger, supercharger or nitrous oxide system (NOS), VP100 will generate optimum power and performance. In turbocharged or supercharged applications, it allows an increase in boost without fear of detonation. NOS users can also leverage their higher octane ratings to step up to a more powerful nitrous oxide system. Dyno tests with a turbocharged application proved VP100 generates up to 14% more horsepower compared to premium grade 91 octane unleaded gasoline. Designed for use in cast-iron head engines with CRs up to 13:1 and aluminum head engines up to 14:1. Works well on the latest generation of electronically-controlled turbo engines. Contains no metal compounds and won't harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. 

SPECIFICATION SHEET FOR VP100(aka StreetBlaze 100) 

(Typical Values) Specific Gravity: .75 @ 60°F

Oxygenated: Yes

Color: Orange

Motor Octane: 96

R+M/2: 100

Oxidation Stability (min.) 1440+

10% evap @ 148.0°F

50% evap @ 210.0°F

90% evap @ 216.0°F

E.P. @ 238.0°F

Production: Elmendorf, Texas USA

Availability: Sealed Drums

Rev: 03/09


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